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GuangDong DongYuan Kitchenware Industrial Co.,Ltd-鸭脖娱乐入口厨具官网


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                1992   Establishment of DG Kitchenware with maximun of 15 workers. DGKitchenware was only selling to Domestic market,and by 1995 DG Kitchenware was among the TOP3 stainless steel sink manufacturers in Guangdong.
                1997   Start of sales to South-East Asia via agent .It was the first attempt to sell outside China
                2001   Renamed to Dongyuan Kitchenware Co.,Ltd.
                2003   Spread of sales to overseas market via agent, the first country attempt was Australia
                2005   Move-in to new factory, where we are currently located with 300 workers. Start of the handmade sink production and sales
                2006   Obtainment of ISO9001 certificate
                Start of direct overseas marketing
                2007   Establishment of Dongyuan Boiler for heating and hot water
                2008   Obtainment of ISO14001 certificate
                2011   14 patents for our special products.
                2007   Currently there are 500 workers in the factory with over 10 workers who have worked with us since 1992.